Personal shopping & styling for men

If you’re looking to take your personal style and wardrobe up a notch — you know, undergo a true overhaul of your wardrobe — where does one start??? That’s where I come in. As your personal stylist, I will help you hone your sense of style and teach you how to edit and refine your wardrobe specific to you.

Think about the best-dressed person you know – he/she may not be particularly trendy.

He/she is not flashy but they are well put together. Their clothes make them appear polished and poised prior to you even hearing them speak. And we all know that first impressions are lasting impressions. We do not get a second chance to make that first impression. Those who stand out from the crowd are people whom have created a consistent signature look for themselves. Some have a natural flare for it. Others hire me to help them get there. I focus on finding your personal style and take it to another level. You will feel the confidence that comes from it like you never have before. Become the person that turns heads when you walk into a room.

Your wardrobe is not all that is included. I will help you with grooming refinement, hairstyle, nails and, if relevant, facial grooming to bring your overall image together. Many men just don’t know what grooming best fits their style, their lifestyle, even their personality. Many just focus on whatever is easiest. I’ll take your image goals and bring out the best version of you in a way that will continue to be easily maintainable for you.

Whether you need my services for a special event, simply an overhaul to your wardrobe, or merely creating your own personal style...I’m here to make this exciting step towards self-improvement an easy one.

Our first appointment we will discuss your goals and vision when it comes to your image and personal style. Not sure what that looks like? I will help you find an amazing image that best suites you and your lifestyle.

Once we have a clear vision of your personal goals, I will individually work to pull several pieces and styles for you to join me at a later date to try on and provide input. The key is figuring out which name brands, styles and fitting work best for your body type all while staying age and lifestyle appropriate. Once we have narrowed down several key pieces, I will assist you to ensure each piece is perfectly tailored to best suit you. Once your wardrobe pieces start to come together, I will polish your image off by itemizing accessories that best accentuate each particular ensemble. Deciding your daily look will be provided to you so you don’t have to go through the daily agony of which outfit to wear. Let me do that for you all in an effort towards…..CREATING THE PERFECT YOU!

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