Full Service Pageant Coaching

Pageants are contests that gauge several essential facets of a contestant including her: beauty, poise, grasp of current events or topics of interest, communication skills, and talent. As a coach with over 40 years of pageantry experience, guiding my clients to new heights of beauty, poise and artistry, I educate eager contestants on the obvious, as well as the subtle yet important, tried and true methods of closing the gaps toward pageant success. Though I cannot bequeath beauty, I can bestow upon my students an understanding that beauty, among all of its shapes and forms, is certainly an attainable goal along with a newfound confidence that often comes with it. You will notice it….and most certainly your judges will as well!

I teach my clients tools and strategies to succeed the tougher interview portion of your competition, oftentimes the greatest percentage of your overall score.

Along with interview prep, I also focus a great deal on stage walking/presence, modeling basics, makeup, hair, photographic headshots, poise, etiquette and wardrobe selection. Depending on the age of my client and what system they are planning to compete in, I often focus on varying facets of their specific contest(s) as I am experienced and knowledgeable about most of them….certainly the largest and most competitive ones.

The process of “Creating The Perfect You” starts with a consult with me to discuss your goals, what system/title you’re striving for, any budget constraints, along with the particular areas of interest you wish to have focus on. Me guiding you through the preparations within all areas of competition will make your process easy and take out any second guessing. I focus on each of my clients’ individual style as well as assure they maintain their individuality to remain true to themselves.

Our final meeting prior to competition will consist of a full dress rehearsal and run through of every phase of the competition for your upcoming pageant. My clients leave feeling confident, prepared and, most importantly, a sense of ease knowing they are presenting their best self. So start your exciting journey today towards…..CREATING THE PERFECT YOU!

As everyone is different, I offer several different packages that fit your budget and specific needs.