Special event styling for men & women

Do you have a special occasion you’re planning for? Is it your dream interview? A wedding? A gala or THE party of the year??

The Special Event Styling Service is an ideal solution for those special events that call for you to represent that super polished side of yourself!

I’m here to make that process easy and to exceed your expectations of just how good you truly can look. Be the one that turns heads when you walk into the room!

During our first meeting, I will learn about you and your event along with the image you wish to convey to those attending your event. Within this conversation we will reference various examples of style you might like to achieve at your event in an effort for me to have a better understanding of how to begin my work along with an idea of any budget constraints you may have, no matter how large or small. Most importantly, I want to remain true to who you are. My goal is always to help you find the most glamorous or debonair representation of yourself Enjoy the added self-confidence that often comes along with it!

Based on our conversation and knowledge of budget constraints, I “pre-shop” at department stores and local boutiques to find the perfect outfit for your event. All you have to do is walk into your private dressing room full of thoughtfully selected options for you to try on. For my male clients I have several options of men’s haberdashers for custom made suits and tuxedos if necessary. For my female clients, I work closely with several retailers whom, in turn, work directly with several designers that are able to customize any necessary pieces specific to your particular fit. Once the wardrobe is in place, I make sure to guide you through elegant grooming. Hairstyle, facial hair and nails for my male clients. Hairstyle, makeup, tanning technique/shade, and nails for my female clients.

A grand entrance to your event, starts here all in an effort towards…..CREATING THE PERFECT YOU!