Special Event Planning

Hosting a dinner party, baby/bridal shower, anniversary, birthday or holiday event? The presentation and style of your event represents you! Don’t miss the little details that make the difference between a last minute planned get together to a thought out, attention to detail event.

The key operative word here is planning. All events – begin with a plan of some sort.

The initial discussions with clients regarding event ideas, themes, desirable dates and budget guidelines are all part of the event planning process.

Event planning starts from the very early stages of concept and continues all the way until the actual event takes place. And, honestly, for a few weeks after the event as event planners wrap up details and handle follow-up items. Event planning involves working closely with the client to design an event that reflects the client’s vision of the gathering and meets the event’s objective. As well as representing the hosts personal style and attention to detail. Once I’m clear of your vicious and expectations, I will plan all aspects of the event, including the related details and action items, and to see that event through until its completion.

Event planning responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • selecting an overall theme for the event
  • developing a budget
  • selecting a venue
  • hiring outside vendors
  • planning the menu
  • hiring a caterer
  • arranging for guest speakers or entertainment/music
  • choosing the color scheme
  • developing invitations

If you don’t want the job to stop, when the event begins; I offer my services as event manager.

Every type of event is made up of numerous parts that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. All of those pieces ultimately come together to create an event. Successful events have all of those related pieces coming together at the right time and the right place, smoothly and efficiently and according to plan. My role in simple terms, project management of the event itself. Which managing all the different components of an event as well as the teams of people responsible for each aspect.

Event management responsibilities can include but are not limited to:

  • managing staff responsible for each function
  • overseeing execution of an event
  • monitoring of the event
  • resolving event situations on site

My goal is to create your vision for the perfect event that represents you and creates an impressive event for your guests.

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